From the Desk of of the Head of School - January 19, 2018

Dear Parents,

Do you remember the Choose Your Own Adventure books in which you took on the role of deciding what choices the protagonist makes and thereby directly impacting the plot and outcome of the story? As nerdy as it might sound, I loved those books. I also cheated while reading them - starting from the back and working my way through all the outcomes until I secured one that I liked the most.

On days like Tuesday and Wednesday, I really wish making a decision to cancel school could play out the way I read the Choose Your Own Adventure books.

I want to thank all of you for your support of the school and understanding in the face of what were dangerous conditions for cars to be on the road and kids to be outside. I am very appreciative. A decision to close the school is never made lightly because the factors weighed are always complex, and a situation never plays out the same way twice. I fully acknowledge that the majority of our families are dual-working parents and child care is difficult to secure in these situations. That is always top of mind as we deliberate these decisions.  

We monitor winter weather events closely, especially during the 48 hours preceding a decision. We are out on roads from 4:00-4:30 AM to drive routes and see for ourselves what conditions may hold for our faculty and families getting out of their neighborhoods - both on the side streets and the main streets. I am in touch with other schools where our graduate siblings attend to make sure that as much as is possible, we are aligned in our decision. Finally, we marshall the collective wisdom/experience/predictive power of a variety of weather forecasters to try and match our hook up or pick up etc. with the timing of the worst/best conditions to be traveling.

When I initially began this game, I had grand visions of making viral videos announcing a snow day but, alas, that is not to be. The reality is that we are weighing all factors right down to the wire and then work very hard to get the word out as early and as best we can. Even on these days we are not in school, the campus is active with our facility team clearing sidewalks, salting roads, and prepping the school for everyone’s return.

It was wonderful coming back together yesterday and getting back to the work of learning. Even though they may not admit it, I could tell the students were happy to be back as well.

Have a wonderful and safe weekend.
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