As the primary representatives of Harding's alumni body, the AlumniBoard seeks to further the well-being of the school, maintain the interest of association members in the school, and enrich the lives of alumni and students as well-prepared leaders. With a goal of establishing and encouraging an active and involved alumni network, the purpose of this network is to build mutually beneficial relationships between alumni, students, and the school, demonstrating that the student experience is just the beginning of a lifelong relationship with Harding Academy.

2021-22 Alumni Board Members

List of 14 members.

  • Jessica Darden 96

  • Troy Duff 87

  • Elam Freeman 08

  • Lauren Gallagher 05

  • William Gilmore 94

  • Sara Jordan Jacobson 09

  • Warner Jones 98

  • William Pritchett 97

  • Paige Yastrzemski 05

  • Mimi Beaver 97

  • Erin Cypress 00

  • Susan Leschen 83

  • Jeffrey Moats 94

  • Jacob Nemer 97

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