Lower School (PreK-5) Academics

In the lower school we challenge our students academically, and we strive to promote a love for learning and a feeling of self confidence in all of our students.  Harding provides a hands-on approach to learning where younger students create and govern their own "towns" in kindergarten, dissect and recreate art masterpieces in fourth grade, and participate in nature studies in Kever Park at all grade levels.

Our curriculum includes instruction in language arts, mathematics, art, music, technology, STEAM, science, social studies, Spanish, and physical education.

Literacy as Foundation
Because reading skills are foundational to all other learning, our teachers stay current on research and incorporate the findings of developmental psychologists and linguistic and language specialists into our total reading program. We believe that children learn to read in different ways, so our teachers use a variety of methods when teaching reading, such as language experience, whole language, and guided reading. Students are assessed to determine learning profiles and instruction is geared to meet the needs of each child.

A Collaborative Effort
Our lower-school classroom teachers are supported by a Learning Effectiveness Team, composed of experienced teachers with specialized knowledge in the areas of language arts and mathematics. These teachers collaborate with classroom teachers to select and implement strategies to meet student needs, to monitor individual progress, and to ensure continuity within the curriculum. They also provide additional resources to classroom teachers by staying current on educational research and best practices, recommending materials to be used with individuals or groups of students, and collecting data on specific programs and teaching methods.
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