Applying to Harding Academy

The goal of the admission process at Harding Academy is to match the school with students who can be successful in its environment. When considering an application, the Admissions Committee takes into account the following factors:
  • Standardized testing (grades K–8)
  • Teacher recommendations (grades K–8)
  • Academic record (grades 1–8)
  • Writing sample (grades 1–8)
  • Pre-school classroom observations (K)
  • Previous school experiences (grades K–8)
  • Harding Academy class visit (grades 5–8)
  • Motivation and attitude toward learning (grades PreK–8)
  • Qualities of character and citizenship (grades PreK–8)
  • Concern for others (grades PreK–8)
  • Parental support of school faculty and programs (grades PreK-8)
Applicants are considered candidates for admission only when the application form and all required documents (academic records, testing, and teacher recommendations) have been submitted to the Admissions Office.

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