The visual arts at Harding Academy allows students to explore, create, respond and discover the world around them. Students naturally are drawn to visually stimulating content, which allows them to process and learn from their environment. The aim of the visual art department is to foster and encourage the growth and development of student’s visual comprehension and creation. 
Art education in the lower school (K-5) provides an opportunity for all children to demonstrate creative thinking and artistic expression. Projects and units of study are designed to lay a foundation in the elements of art and principles of design, the basic techniques of a wide range of media, and to begin the development of observation, creativity and visual perception. The primary aim is to cultivate confident and creative students who find enjoyment in the visual arts.

In middle school (6-8) art, students expand on the foundations of the elements and principles of art from lower school. Students are encouraged to develop their individual artistic expression through visual, written and verbal communication. Middle school art students will leave the art room with greater confidence in their skills and individual talents in the visual arts.

Artist in Residence at Harding Academy
The Artist in Residence program at Harding Academy is designed to provide our students with an opportunity to learn from and work with artists, while expanding their own creativity and curiosity in the arts. The desired outcome is for our students to learn new techniques and skills, be open to new ideas and experiences, and explore the creative process in thoughtful and reflective ways.
Harding Academy seeks applications from artists that are interested in being the 2023-2024 Artist in Residence. The artist selected would spend a full week at Harding working with students and faculty through classes, workshops and presentations. An honorarium is provided for the selected artist’s time and travel. 

Interested artists can apply by completing this survey.
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