Statement of Inclusivity

Because Harding Academy believes that children learn from one another and that such learning may be enhanced by diverse experiences, opinions, and cultures, the school is committed to maintaining a student body and faculty that represent the diverse groups that make up the Nashville community. By encouraging children to appreciate each other’s differences—in race, culture, religion, gender, family structure, and socio-economic levels—the Harding Academy faculty prepares them to become citizens of the global community and the complex, multi-cultural world in which they live.

Community Engagement

At Harding Academy we believe that service and community engagement  is leadership. For that reason, our goal is for every student in every grade to be involved in community service. Every grade level has its own community engagement initiative.

We have put a lot of thought into creating meaningful community engagement opportunities for our students – more than checking a box or going through the motions. True community engagement happens when we match a student’s passions and interests to a need in the community. It is our desire to make a real difference in Nashville and the world, not just to create good feelings or even “teachable moments” for our students. By showing what is good and productive about service learning, we hope to create an environment that will be attractive to others and a beacon of hope in the community.

Multicultural Assemblies

November is Native American & Indigenous Peoples Heritage Month. This month we continue celebrating the culture, accomplishments, and contributions of Native American & Indigenous Peoples, the first inhabitants of the United States of America.  

The Harding Academy Community welcomed Larry Yazzi as the special guest for our second Native American & Indigenous Peoples assembly. 

Larry Yazzie is a multi-talented dancer, singer, educator and international lecturer has become a much sought–after performer here and abroad—a de facto Native cultural ambassador. 

A member of the Sac & Fox Tribe of the Mississippi in Iowa/Meskwaki, Yazzie is a two-time World Champion Fancy Dancer. His credits include performances at the Olympics, the Kennedy Center, and international festivals in Japan, Ireland, France, Brazil, Norway and, most recently, Jordan, at the annual Jerash Festival. Last year, he received the 2012 A.P. Anderson Award for his significant contributions to the cultural and artistic life of Minnesota; in December, he portrayed a Mayan priest in a Mayan episode of America Unearthed, a History Channel Series on H2.  

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