• Building the Future

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Our campaign master plan, prepared in consultation with architects and campus planners at Hastings Architecture, is designed to unfold over the course of the next 4-6 years, in a series of intentional stages beginning fall 2023. 
With your help, Harding Academy will build boldly and wisely on the bedrock of our unchanging values and mission. We will raise bridges between our school community and our city, and pave intentional, responsible paths that lead from the immediate impact of our efforts today to the lasting legacy of our donors tomorrow. And we will do this transformative, vital work both for the children who will benefit now and for all those who will follow, for generations to come.

Building the Future

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  • Expression and Performance

    At Harding, the arts teach children to think creatively, speak confidently, appreciate beauty, respect perspective, and express themselves courageously. With your support, we will make room—on our campus and in our curriculum—for more enriching, empowering engagement with the arts, to the benefit of both our students and our community.
  • Early Learning

    We know a child’s earliest years are also the most formative—socially, emotionally, developmentally, and academically. Harding’s campaign will drive the construction of an updated, dedicated early learning building, tailored specifically to the needs of our preK and Kindergarten students.
  • Bold Blueprints

    The work supported by our campaign will continue over the course of several years—and it will enrich the lives of our students, families, and neighbors for decades. From wellness and athletics to campus wayfinding and green spaces, our masterplan will prepare Harding Academy for the future while honoring our history.
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