Every Harding Academy student learns to understand and appreciate music. They acquire technical skills, including reading music and playing an instrument, but they also experience the joy of making something beautiful with their peers and classmates. Along the way, they develop discipline and teamwork, and they often discover gifts they didn’t know they had.
In the PreK–4 general music curriculum, Harding students sing, play instruments such as tambourines, drums and the xylophone, and begin preparing to sing in parts. Fifth- and sixth-graders perform in both band and chorus. Seventh- and eighth-graders continue in either band or chorus, according to their choice.


As a collaborative endeavor—with opportunities to step into the spotlight—chorus encourages students away from anonymity and toward full participation.

Harding’s chorus singers become ambassadors for the school, performing in school plays, at assemblies, and concerts for the Harding community. 

Singing everything from musical theater numbers to pop songs from various eras, our middle-school singers learn to connect period music with history and culture, and they learn what makes a great song.


Like chorus, band fosters a participatory spirit, and students experience a true sense of community immersed in the beauty and transcendence of music.

Starting in fifth grade, every Harding student selects an instrument to learn and joins the school band. They meet twice a week, working through music method books and perfecting concert pieces ranging from classical compositions to popular movie themes.

The Harding school band performs through the year at pep rallies, assemblies, and winter and spring concerts.
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