Sixth Grade Family Writing Night Sparks Creativity

Katherine Miller
The thirteenth annual Sixth Grade Family Writing Night was held on October 23 in the McPherson-Medwedeff Library. Hosted by English teacher Jennifer Weinblatt, she said, "I was really impressed by the creativity, sincerity, and eloquence of the pieces that the sixth graders and their families shared. This group of students seemed absolutely unabashed about expressing their love for their family, which I found very touching." Fred Crumbo '12 even had some words of advice for his brother Charlie and his classmates:

When I was your age, just five years ago, I remember thinking of teachers as prison guards.  I also remember thinking neon Nike shorts were a foolproof plan for attracting girls.  I do not regret these thoughts because at the time that’s how I felt, and nothing bad had come of it. I do know now, however, that teachers are fountains of knowledge and girls are much more complex than they seem.  I remember thinking that iPhones were the end-all-be-all, and that exams were the only thing standing between my dreams and me.  Well, iPhones turned out to be less distinguishing than I expected, and exams turned out to be reasonable and just one measure of my abilities.
If anything from this sinks in to you sixth graders, it should be that nothing in middle school could wreck your life completely.  iPhones don’t make you any cooler and neon Nike shorts don’t either.  Exams are time consuming but not impossible.  There is no foolproof plan to pick up girls.  That doesn’t matter now.  No one is going to judge you five years from now for what you tried out in middle school.  So – do your own thing, change in your own way, and never regret what you are doing now.
    • Fred Crumbo '12 reads his piece to the Class of 2017 and their families

    • Jennifer Weinblatt welcomes the sixth graders and their families

    • Allison Lindsey shares her piece with her friends

    • Carter Murray Dawson '85 reads to the group

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