2014 Career Day

Katherine Miller
The Alumni Association hosted Career Day for the class of 2014, where the students were offered a glimpse into their futures beyond school. Chaired by Erin Hirsch Zagnoev '94 and introduced by Hutch Martin '98, this years three alumni speakers were:

Tom Bailey '81, the maker of Professor Bailey's Spicy Pimento Cheese. Sharing his work history as a waiter, cook, labor economist, marketer for a publishing house, an archivist, alumni director, and now an entrepreneur, Tom engaged the students on how to start up your own company doing something you love. You can learn more about his brand: http://www.professorbaileys.com/

Erin Graves '00, an architect with McAlpine Booth & Ferrier, showed students photos of her residential work and explained the path to becoming an architect. She even had a photo of a shoe she had drawn as a fifth grade Harding student in art class with Mrs. Chambers.

Jake Nemer '97, an attorney with a company he founded called Nemer Law LLC, stressed the importance of hard work and maintaining connections with your relationships throughout life. His website is http://nemerlawllc.com/

After a warm introduction to the Alumni Association by the event chair, the class headed off to their service project.
    • Event chair Erin Hirsch Zagnoev '94 with speakers Tom Bailey '81, Jake Nemer '97, Erin Graves '00, and Alumni Board representative Hutch Martin '98

    • Entrepreneur Tom Bailey '81 addresses the class of 2014

    • Architect Erin Graves '00 shows her residential work to the class of 2014

    • Attorney Jake Nemer '97 addresses the class of 2014

    • Erin finds her brick in the Alumni Courtyard

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