From the Desk of the Head of School- April 28, 2023

Dear Harding Academy Learning Community,

It is hard to believe we have completed the last week of April and will enter our final month of May when we return on Monday. In very quick succession we will celebrate at The Harding Art Show (huge shout out to our chairs, Hayley Gerber and Whitney Morris !), send off our 7th and 8th graders to Dauphin Island and Washington DC, respectively, compete at Field Day and graduate our 8th graders at Commencement ceremonies at the end of the month. 

Seeing our 8th graders receive a rose from their kindergarten buddies at the Awards Assembly the day before graduation may be the highlight for me in terms of a moment that captures who we are as a learning community. And so, the time our students spent together with their K/8th Grade Buddies this week took on an importance that I don’t think the students themselves fully appreciate. In fact, one Kindergarten teacher reports that as the 8th graders left, the nature of the conversation was who had the more capable 8th grade buddy: 

“My buddy is the best artist. Did you see how well they stayed inside the lines?” 

“Well, mine is the best rester. They loved being in the loft with me.” 

“Oh yea, my 8th Grade Buddy is so big they don’t even fit in the chair!” 

Clearly our oldest students make an impact on the lives of their little K buddies. Our House event on Tuesday is another example of the school coming together across grades and divisions in a way that builds community - positive, joyful community. As we race to the end of the school year and the various celebrations that come with it, I am thankful for the moments of togetherness. 

Have a great weekend.
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