From the Desk of the Head of School- March 3, 2023

Dear Harding Academy Learning Community,

It was a timely bit of weather today after the debut of Mary Poppins last night. As Bert so insightfully observes at the beginning of the play, “Wind’s in the East, mist coming in. Like somethin’ is brewin’ and about to begin.” Over 170 students, nearly 100 parent volunteers, faculty and staff cameos and, of course, the direction and supervision of Braden Bell, Grace Wilkinson and Katy Stumpf have created a wonderful show. When we have people wholly dedicated to a program to this degree, we see our mission come alive. 

We are lucky that Harding occupies a unique place in our learning landscape. To that end I wanted to take this opportunity to announce a new position at Harding, the Secondary School Placement Coordinator and Admission Liaison. This new position, housed in the middle school, will focus on recruiting, retaining and placing our Harding students in high school. This role will leverage our already strong professional network and deep understanding of Nashville area high schools, as well as top boarding and day schools across the country, to engage the community and advocate for our students. As you are well aware, our approach to secondary school placement is highly personalized, as we help each student determine their “right fit” high school. 

Concurrently, the Secondary School Placement Coordinator and Admission Liaison will be a primary spokesperson for the school in its marketing for and support of the PreK through 8th Grade model. From our youngest grades, the Secondary School Placement Coordinator and Admission Liaison will be organizing educational events around the benefits of a family experiencing the ten most formative learning years of a child’s life at Harding Academy.

We have commenced a national search for this position and are excited about the possibilities moving forward. 

Have a great weekend.
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