From the Desk of the Head of School- April 22, 2022

Dear Harding Academy Learning Community,
This has been a week that finally feels like the spring we have earned after a grey, wet and cold winter! During the next month, we say our goodbyes and hellos, celebrate, wrap up this year and plan for the next.There are a few key indicators that always make me take notice that the end of the year is upon us: 
  • Smiles have a lot more holes in them in our lower school…
  • 7th graders are walking a little taller because they’ve finished their year-long science projects...
  •  Students competing and practicing at Sohr track and fields 
  • The 8th grade DC Trip T-Shirt has been selected…
  • The Harding Art Show signs are visible around the Nashville Community
While it can feel like an incredibly busy time of year, it is this energy around our school that fuels our students’ growing confidence in their skills, comfort with themselves, teachers and friends, and reinvigorates all of us as we work to end on a high note.
Inspiring The Mind  •  Nurturing The Spirit