From the Desk of the Head of School- February 4, 2022

Dear Harding Academy Learning Community,

One day earlier this fall I entered my office and a colleague had left a wooden sculpture of a Harding Hawk on my desk. It was the creation of a wonderfully talented chainsaw sculptor in Middle Tennessee and the artist did a wonderful job of capturing all the characteristics of our mascot - especially the thousand yard stare. 

Over time, we thought it would be nice to share this sculpture with each other so it could benefit the entire school community. Quickly, under the guidance of Dr. Fecht, we have come into a rhythm of passing the Hawk on to its next home and acknowledging the great work of the receiving colleague. Here are some excerpts from this newfound tradition: 

“Yesterday the Hawk was passed from Kim Keller to Ashley Jones - for the joy she brings to the classroom and all of the work that went into the successful transition into 2nd grade this year. “

“The hawk made its way from the middle school lobby/Mrs. Hall to Mr. Dabrowiak earlier today. As Lilly shared, the hawk was passed "in appreciation for the facilities work that is ongoing - and especially busy over the break!" 

“Mike shared the hawk with the business office this week for "their ongoing dedication to our community -  stepping into this role I see firsthand how much time they spend outside of school hours working to keep us on track." 

“Bonjour! Our Hawk (faucon in French) made its way from the business office to Mrs. Napier's French class this week. Given the active learning and joy that students have engaging in French, our Hawk is bound to have a fantastic week.

It may not be the viral sensation that Wordle is (yet!), but I am excited that this has caught on. It is an important way that our faculty and staff model for our students what it is to support and celebrate their peers. Where will the Hawk go next? 

Have a great weekend!
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