From the Desk of the Head of School- May 21, 2021

Dear Parents,

What a day! I walked out onto Kever Park on a sunny day with a nice breeze and saw:
  • our 5th grade teachers being wrapped in tissue paper and decorated in a best mummy competition,
  • 3rd graders moving as a unit as they worked to keep the huge rubber band  taut and worked to pick up items as a team,
  • 4th graders testing their memory on Twister patterns and when they got something wrong, their teachers gleefully spritzing them with water from a water gun,
  • 1st graders doing the limbo,
  • 2nd graders pushing rubber balls through an obstacle course with their heads, 
  • K and PreK giving their all at relay races and parachutes, and jumping rope. 

Our middle schoolers took over the Field Day fun this afternoon, having designed their own advisories t-shirts with all the creativity you might imagine from 11-14 year olds. The competitive spirit had been smoldering through their classes in the morning and burst out once they crossed Windsor Drive. The middle schoolers had been prepping for the culmination of a series of games that started through their PE classes:
  • Relay Egg Toss
  • KingPin and Basketball
  • Chaos and Tug of War
  • Ultimate Frisbee

As of when this “went to press”, a final advisory victor hadn’t been crowned yet, but there will certainly be a lot of pride in this group. Mixed in all of these events were ICEE cups throughout the day. I pretty much have the perfect day.

It was a wonderful end to the week - a wonderful end to the year. A celebration that brought us all together, engendered a lot of cheering, a lot of laughs, and a lot of fun. And really highlights how much this year of being together, on campus, and in person has meant to all of us. 

Only a few more days. I know we will cherish them as we cherished today. 

Have a great weekend.
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