From the Desk of the Head of School- February 12, 2021

Dear Parents,

I know we are all ready for the long weekend. With it comes the prospect of our faculty and staff being one week closer to the opening of phase 1b in Davidson County and being eligible for the COVID-19 vaccination. I want to use this forum to let you know what I know about how that process will play out for our teachers. 

Independent and parochial schools will be working with the Metro Health department which will partner with a vaccination center managed by HCA to schedule and deliver our teachers and staff vaccinations. We are hearing that the start date for those vaccinations could be as soon as February 20, 2021 and there will be some type of sign up process of which we will be notified soon. It is likely that, as has been the case in other counties, once faculty or staff are on the list they will receive a call with an appointment for the next day. 

What this means in terms of staffing is that we may be in an operational position of having to cover a number of classrooms on a day’s or less notice. It could also mean that we have a small number out at one time or a larger number. We just don’t know. We have hired additional staff since the summer and those extra positions will help to cover those classes, but considering those teachers are also eligible to be vaccinated it might mean your child will report that someone like me was covering their class that day. (Apologies ahead of time) I am asking for your understanding, support, and patience as our faculty work through these relatively minor challenges for the sake of a much larger good. 

I hope you have a great weekend. Stay safe and healthy.
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