From the Desk of the Head of School- January 11, 2019

Dear Parents,

In our Leadership Team meeting two days ago, we discussed how this week felt in a lot of ways like one comprised of five Mondays. The rhythm and rhyme of the school experience came at us with full force. I know many of you were probably delighted to dive back into the routine of school after a uniquely long winter break. It was certainly evidenced by the fact that morning hook up on Monday was finished around 7:56 AM. However, the week slogged on and we had a full set of cars up to the top of the hook up lane at 7:58 AM this morning…

You should know that your children did not show any signs of sluggishness in this first school week of 2019. In fact, there was a ton of joy felt by our students being back with friends and teachers and being able to get down to work again. As I walked through the halls these past few days, I saw an endless amount of smiles and a lot of arms around shoulders. Our students are excited and happy to be together again at Harding.

If you find yourself with a case of the Mondays next week, I invite you to come on in and enjoy those smiles in the hallway. They’ll cheer you up every time.
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