From the Desk of the Head of School- December 7, 2018

Dear Parents,

No one ever told me you needed your civil engineering degree to be a Head of School. However, one of the pieces of work I find myself dreaming of is how we do our hook-up better. Could you develop an innovative system to unload and/or load our students in record time? I’m still dreaming...

The reality is that hook up times - morning and afternoon - have so many variables that they are never perfectly run. However, we work very hard to put a system in place to keep our kids safe as we transition over 300 cars into, around, and out of our campus. I am happy to report that Lt. Carter’s presence out on Harding Place seems to have been a helpful addition to our system. We will continue to do all we can to refine our system as best we can. As a gentle reminder around some of the things that can help us achieve this goal, please take a moment to read this list:

  • Please do not use your smartphone during hook up. The less distracted we all are, the faster we can get moving and the less likely for a mistake to be made we don’t even want to contemplate.

  • If you are driving to school to drop off your child, unless you were the front lot parking spot winner at the Parents’ Party Auction or a PreK parent, please do not park in the upper lot to drop off your child - go through hook up. Jay, Corby, and I would love to see you!

  • As much as we love to see your smiling faces behind your windshields, we would only like to see your child get out of the car. You staying in the car helps us more efficiently confirm that all students are out of the hook up zones and we are ready to move the cars.

  • Please do not park at Kever Park or deeper in the neighborhood to drop off your child and have them walk in. We have been working very hard to be good neighbors to the Links and limit traffic there.
  • A couple of easy ones: please display your hook-up number so we can call your child quickly and clearly.
  • We don’t load past the blue barrel because we don’t have the eyes to scan that zone, so please understand that if you are the first one behind the blue barrel, you’ve already won, because you’ll be the first one out - in the NEXT set!

Thank you all for your help on this. Now, I’m off to earn my civil engineering degree….
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