From the Desk of the Head of School- October 12, 2018

Dear Parents, 

I know many of you headed out of town this week and I hope you all remain safe and happy this Fall Break. The Skeens also decided to travel and visit the grandparents in Florida. I’ll leave the various family comedy movie scenes that ensued to your imagination . As we like to say, it is what it is, might as well try and find some humor in it. And if you take a step back, there is a lot of humor to be found.

Perhaps it was a sign but this past Tuesday, I sat in on Jim Schleicher’s meeting with Kindergarten parents and he briefly discussed how families should manage a trip of this sort. Of course, his talk was previewing the various stages we as parents could expect to experience with our kids and this was one aside, but I must say, everything he said struck a chord. As we find ourselves on Fall Break, relaxing with our families, I thought I would share his insights from over forty years of family practice:

  • It is OK to tell your kids, “These are the things we need from you to make this trip enjoyable for us….”
  • Siblings will inevitably find themselves in conflict, perhaps even more so when they are away from the home. When they do, don’t separate them - tell them to hug it out, each apologize, and give them a task to do together.
  • Focus on helping your kids celebrate others’ success - whether it be during a card game or mini-golf. Kids who can be proud of others are on a good course in life.

We will be posting Jim’s talk to The Insight Series badge of CompassNet, so if you are intrigued by what you’ve seen here, I recommend heading that way to hear more. In the meantime, enjoy the time away and we will see you all back on campus soon!
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