From the Desk of the Director of Middle School- September 7, 2018

Dear Parents,

“I give my word of honor.”

These six words are taking on a new meaning in the middle school this year. Last spring, our middle school teachers set forth to recast how we promote honor in the middle school. Over the course of six meetings this summer and during collaborative time before students returned to campus, the middle school teachers constructed a foundation to cultivate honor as a core value of Harding Academy middle school.

The launch of this new guiding statement came at our opening middle school assembly on the first day of school. Members of our eighth grade read aloud the bullet points below to the audience. Subsequently, every student came forward and signed their name to the Honor Code. Should you walk into a middle school classroom, you will see on the wall, as a symbol of our students’ commitment to the honor code, all the signatures of that teacher’s advisory on the Honor Code. I give my word of Honor may also appear on student work, on classroom walls, and in the hallways. This presence in the daily life of the middle school will serve as a reminder and encouragement to community members to live by the framework set forth.

A core element to the Honor Code is the first bullet point - I will uphold the Community Code. The Community Code remains the foundation of who we are as members of the Harding Academy community and how we treat each other. However, middle school students are ready to deepen the way they think about their behavior and to develop a sense of personal integrity and honor.

The honor code below represents the outcome of that collaborative work of teachers.

Honor is an essential ingredient of personal character. It involves being truthful, trustworthy, and respectful of others, in actions and in all forms of communication. The Community Code remains an integral part of school culture in middle school; however, middle school students are ready to deepen the way they think about their behavior and to develop a sense of personal integrity and honor. Harding Academy’s Honor Code represents the school’s commitment to fostering integrity and to teaching and promoting honor within the community. The Honor Code serves as a guide for conduct and attitude, in person and online, at school and beyond. Each student is expected to support the honor system through his or her personal actions, as well as through verbal and written pledges. Harding students agree to abide by the letter and intent of this Honor Code.

As a member of the Harding Academy Middle School, I am expected to abide by the Honor Code daily. Specifically, I give my word of Honor that:

  • I will uphold the Community Code.
  • I will show respect for community members including students, faculty, and guests.
  • I will not lie or misrepresent the truth to fellow community members, nor will I knowingly allow others to do so.
  • I will not physically or emotionally harm another person, nor will I make any unwanted physical contact with another person.
  • I will not cheat, nor will I knowingly allow others to do so.
  • My work will always represent my own ideas, thought, and effort.
  • I will respect school property and the property of others.
  • I will not steal, borrow another’s property without permission, or cause damage to the school or others’ property.
  • I will not use foul language or verbally abuse others.

I give my word of Honor,

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