Time to Rise Food Needs

We have had a lot of requests to donate food for the Time to Rise program this summer.  For this week we are in need of:

Fruit - Pineapple (10 each) 
Fruit - Cantaloupe (10 each) 
Fruit - Apple (75 each) 
Drink - Fruit Juice (any - 5 gallon)  
Drink - Apple Juice/Milk (5 gallons) 2x Cookies (75 each)
Drink - Orange Juice/Milk (5 gallons) Yogurt & Toast (75 each) 
Drink - Powerade (75 each or 5 gallon)
Breakfast Sandwich (75 each) 

Eggs (liquid egg 20 lb.)/Bacon (15 lb) 
Nutrigrain Bars (75 each) 
Pasta (Any kind - 15 lb.) 
Chips (75 each) 

Go-gurts (75 each) 
Chicken Breast (80 each) 
Pizza (16 pizzas) 
Pretzels (75 each) 
Cheeze Its (75 each)

Drop off can be between 8:00 AM -12:00 PM.  You can reach Chef Danny at 816-806-3739 to make sure someone can receive the donations.  

Every Sunday night we will post the items needed for the following week.  Thank you so much for your help!
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