Consistent with Harding’s K–8 philosophy, the drama productions provide substantial opportunities for leadership and growth. Harding Academy offers 21 competitive team sports at the middle school level and numerous intrascholastic activities. The far-reaching goal of the arts program is to encourage students to cultivate a lifelong interest in and appreciation and support for the fine arts in all its various forms. Service projects encourage Harding students to discover their place in the local community and beyond. We deploy technology at Harding Academy to assist the learning process, not to dictate it. Students in grades K–8 explore a wide range of writing styles, which increases their literary understanding and encourages critical thinking in reading and writing. To develop students’ interest in literature and encourage them to become lifelong readers, lower school students participate in Sustained Silent Reading (SSR). The study of mathematics is enhanced by the addition of accelerated courses in middle school. Lower school students benefit from the “Everyday Math” approach, which reinforces math understanding. Nowhere else will you find such a nurturing, caring educational environment coupled with rigorous academics. A one-to-one laptop program in the middle school gives students a MacBook Air, which they use for to access their Google Apps accounts as well as their eBook textbooks. Just as a journey begins with a single step, academic success begins with learning to read. We believe that every middle school student who wants to participate competitively should have the opportunity to do so.
The mission of Harding Academy is to educate and inspire young people to become thoughtful, creative, life-long learners who are self-disciplined, responsible, caring citizens. Harding Academy is a non-sectarian, coeducational school, serving kindergarten through eighth grade, committed to maintaining a student body representing the diverse groups that make up the Nashville community. Harding Academy is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS).
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