Visual Arts

By combining art instruction with art history, Harding's visual arts program creates an immersive experience that not only sharpens artistic skills but also enriches students’ understanding of historical and cultural contexts.

Over the last few weeks, the art classrooms were transformed into the setting of ancient storytelling as students sat by the warm glow of a fire and learned about cave drawings in Lascaux, France.  Students then reproduced the drawings within the cave and transformed Harding's art wing into cave walls depicting life in France 20,000 years ago! Wrinkled brown paper and pastels were used to simulate the cave walls and pigments. Students drew animals, tools, and hunters on their individual pieces, and also created an all-school mural of handprints inspired by imagery found in the cave. 

When Harding's Lascaux Cave was completed, the lights were dimmed and students were allowed to explore the dark hallway by flashlight in order to more closely experience this amazing historic and cultural treasure for themselves.
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