RED Lockdown Drill Language

Today we are going to practice a Lockdown Drill. You are familiar with our Fire Drills, which we practice although there is no fire. These drills are practice so that we know what to do in case an emergency situation arises.

If there were an ever an emergency situation at school, ​"​like someone on campus who does not belong here"​ (EX: ​someone who does not belong on our campus,  an angry dog, an intruder, a threat, a bank robber in the neighborhood, a shooter. This explanation can be more explicit for older children​).​ ​It is important for you to get very quiet, listen to the adult in charge, ​follow their directions, ​and remain calm. Here at school, your teachers​ and administrators are in charge. I will say this is a "Lockdown Drill" and you will hear the announcement over the speaker “This is a RED Lockdown Drill”.

Let's practice our drill by getting very quiet (all voices off) and moving quickly to the closest room. I will gather you all inside and lock the door and close the window shades. You will be very quiet (just like during a fire drill) and huddle together in this part of the room (identify the safest part of the room away from doors and windows). We will remain very quiet and wait for the all clear signal from Mr. Skeen.​

We will be "Still Like Rocks"​ together.

​Teachers remember that your calmness and competence will relay to the children that you have this under control, and help them feel confident that the school has a plan for their safety. How you say this carries at least as much weight as what you say.

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