Alumni Counselors for Time To Rise

Katherine Miller
Harding Academy is once again hosting Time to Rise for the summer, whose mission is "to provide at-risk youth with the proper guidance, summer structure, and year round academic support to improve their life chances through academic excellence and character development." Our alumni counselors are:
Bottom row from left: Luke Haley '17, Maggie Faber '17, Lindsey Hollomon '17, Ellie Faber '14, Matthew Haley '15, William Vreeland '17
Middle row from left: Jackson Buschmann '15, Reid Buschmann '17, Caroline Humphrey '17, Annie Griffin '16
Back row from left: Zach Bell '17, Lucy McAndrew '11, Claire Humphrey '17, Cooper Mae Cavallo '16, Brittney Griffin '16
Not pictured: C.H. Henry '17, Weatherly Spence '17, Caleb Wilkinson '15
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