45th Annual Eve of Janus

Katherine Miller
The 45th annual Eve of Janus ball took place on July 25, 2015 at the Country Music Hall of Fame. This event of the Nashville chapter of Delta Delta Delta alumnae has raised over $4 million since its inception. 

Class of 2010 Signs of the Times were:
Cason Blackwell
Emily Buzhardt
Katie Buzhardt
Casey Close
Meg Henderson
McCall Nichols
Leah Hayes McAllister
Abby Mudter
Emily Patterson
Kaitlyn Waggoner
Katherine Woosley

Class of 2010 Escorts were:
Nick Boney
Barrett Gillum
Sam Gregory
Thompson Hadden
Grey Reames
Charles Sell
Sam Weien
John Wheeler

    • Katie Buzhardt & Casey Close

    • Cason Blackwell & John Wheeler

    • Kaitlyn Waggoner & Nick Boney

    • Katherine Woosley & Grey Reames

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