Alumni Assist in Technology Department

Katherine Miller
Andrew Ballow '06 and T.J. Caldwell '09 are back at Harding, working part-time as part of our busy technology team.

Andrew says, "Coming back to Harding Academy has been a wonderful experience, and it is incredible to see how much has changed over the years. I really enjoy seeing so many of my old teachers, and getting to know the rest of the staff has been great. The Harding Academy community has always been a strong one, and it is an honor to now be a working member of it. It is definitely a bizarre feeling being back at my alma mater after so many years, but I am so happy to be here using so many of the valuable skills that I learned growing up here."

T.J. says, "Coming back to work at Harding has been incredible. It also has fulfilled some lifelong, middle schooler dreams. I finally have my own security card, I get to call teachers by their first names (but it still feels weird), and I get free reign to roam the halls.  The best thing, however, is the reception back into the school. It's like being in a giant, warm hug from people who helped make you who you are today. Nothing can top that."

We are thrilled to have them both here, and glad they are choosing to share their time and talents with us.  
    • T.J. Caldwell '09 and Andrew Ballow '06, with IT Director Matt Powers, working on a system repair

    • T.J. 3-D prints a phone cover while Andrew and Mr. Powers look on

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