From the Desk of the Head of School- March 24, 2023

Dear Harding Academy Learning Community,

Spring at Harding Academy is filled with cherished events and traditions like the Student Art Exhibit last night. It was wonderful to see so many of our community members present on campus to view the student’s creations. The journey from kindergarten to eighth grade was on display as one could see a kindergarten family view their child's first watercolor heart piece as well as an eighth grade family admire the coveted torn paper piece. 

I'm grateful that our children have wonderful art teachers who continuously foster their creativity. The Student Art Exhibit wouldn't have been possible without lower school art teacher Karen Kwarciak, middle school art teacher Bailey Woods, and HPA volunteer Kaitlin Flynn. Thank you all for your hard work in making this such a special night for our whole community. 

The love and support of our community was palpable across campus last night and as we continue into spring, we find ourselves on the cusp of  The Harding Art Show. Like all of our community events this would not be possible without the attention, care, and incredible work of volunteers. I want to take a moment to ask that if you have not already volunteered for some aspect of the show, please consider doing so today. It really does take all of us to make this incredible event happen. Click HERE to sign up to volunteer for The Harding Art Show.

Have a great weekend.
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