Harding Athletic Highlights 3/7-3/11

Jason Embry
Hoop It Up Champions

5th Grade Knockout
Briggs Waddey
Harley Mitchell

6th Grade Knockout
Luke Anderson
Hilary Fremont

7th Grade Knockout
Chase Embry
Greer Bodzy

8th Grade Knockout
Ademi Da Silva
Susan McCarley

5th Grade Lay Up Contest
Louisa Smith
Holden Thomas
Briggs Waddey

6th Grade Lay UP Contest
Hilary Fremont
Will Bickley
Colton Bowers

5th Grade Hot Shot Contest
Briggs Waddey
Louisa Smith

6th Grade Hot Shot Contest
Stella Frisbee
Walt Sanders

7th Grade Hot Shot Contest
Samantha Massad
Mckinley Bradshaw
Daniel Maumus

8th Grade Hot Shot Contest
Leah Fremont
Thomas Hicks

Girls 7-8 Grade 3 Point Contest
Emerson Smith 

Boys 7-8 Grade 3 Point Contest
Daniel Maumus
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