From the Desk of the Head of School- March 26, 2021

Dear Parents,

Since his birthday is in the summer, my son Webb had his half birthday celebration in the PreK class yesterday. One of the traditions they have is to create a wish book from the student’s classmates to the student who is celebrating. In it, Webb’s classmates told their teachers what they wish for my son on his birthday. As we all know, there is a lot in the imagination of a four or five year old. I think many of us wish we could get back to the days when everything was possible in our minds. Anyway, here are some of the wishes: 

I wish for Webb that…

....he could copy himself and there could be two Webbs. 
….he can have 100 ninjas. 
….he has whatever power and pet he asks for. 
….he could have 1 billion puppies. 
….he could have 1,000 dinosaurs and ride them on the sidewalk. 

Needless to say these wishes were great fodder for our dinner table conversation last night and breakfast table conversation this morning. I’m sure the psychologists out there could spend hours unpacking the thinking behind these wishes, but from where I sit, it is an example of an opportunity provided to our youngest students to celebrate a friend and offer up the most wonderful thing for that child they can think of. 

It is an exercise in empathy.

Have a wonderful weekend. If you need me, I’ll be riding one of Webb’s 1000 dinosaurs. 

On the sidewalk.
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