From the Desk of the Head of School- January 29, 2021

Dear Parents,

This morning as I was poring over the most recent updates around COVID and vaccinations and all the joy that entails, I heard the following: 

“ All rise! The Honorable Judge Boylan is now presiding!”

The 8th grade social studies classes were about to engage in a heated mock trial of the Sacco and Vanzetti case. I don’t know if it was the change of scenery (the 8th graders were in the library) or it being a Friday (we all love Fridays) or pent up pugnacity (2020, y’all) but what followed was a lively recreation of a courtroom drama that played out three different times over the course of the day. 

My colleagues on the hall and I could predict the climax of the case by the vociferous objections that accompanied the cross examinations of key witnesses. We popped in and saw the lawyers deposing the witnesses from Mrs. Boylan’s iPhone because that student was remote. We whispered with each other how impressed we were with the presence and preparation of our students. 

It was wonderful. 

It once again reminded me that despite everything swirling around us, we are in school and doing it well. Our faculty are creating lessons that these students will remember fondly - if not completely for the content they prepared, then for the feelings and connections they forged. 

I feel lucky to be a part of a learning community like this and have my children with faculty who go the extra mile to make these kinds of connections. 

I hope you have a great weekend. Stay safe and healthy. 

Inspiring The Mind  •  Nurturing The Spirit