A Message From The School Nurse: December 13, 2020

Dear Parents,

By now, many of you have read the news that the CDC has updated their COVID-19 guidelines related to quarantining as a close contact. I wanted to clarify our position on this update as well as offer some other notes as we close in on Winter Break in less than ten school days. 

CDC Quarantine Update

On Tuesday, December 2, the CDC updated their guidelines around quarantining for close contacts. Today, we find ourselves in a unique circumstance: 

  • It is ten days since Thanksgiving and we anticipate a “surge on top of the surge” period based on potential spread resulting from gatherings over the Thanksgiving holiday, 
  • We are operating amidst a continued general surge in positive COVID-19 cases in Davidson County, and 
  • We are ten days away from Winter Break.  

Notably, the CDC opens their updated guidelines by continuing to recommend that quarantine should remain 14 days. So, considering the context above, we do not want to disrupt what has carried us to this point as it relates to quarantining. Through December 17, 2020 we will continue with fourteen days quarantine and not change our protocols at this time. However, starting January 4, 2021 we will adopt the CDC’s acceptable alternative of allowing a student (or faculty/staff member) to come out of quarantine after ten days if:

  • They have completed the Magnus screening app each day of their quarantine attesting to having no symptoms. 
  • They have a negative test taken no more than 48 hours prior (on Day 9 or Day 10) to the Day 11 return. Our new partnership with PathGroup, which goes into effect on January 4, will enable us to test our students, faculty and staff in quarantine and achieve results in a matter of hours, not days. As such, we feel adopting this approach best positions the school to keep our learning community safe and on campus for in-person learning. 
  • They continue to monitor for symptoms closely through Day 14 of the original quarantine period. 

CDC Travel Guidelines Update

Last Tuesday was a busy day at the CDC, they also updated their domestic and international travel guidelines related to traveling in the pandemic. I encourage you to take a look as the steps they recommend ahead of and after a period of travel have changed and are more specific in the steps to be taken. As we come up to Winter Break and many of us are contemplating travel to see loved ones, I hope you will read and follow these guidelines. 
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