From the Desk of the Head of School- November 21, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving.

It is a simple phrase on the face of it - something thrown about this time of year as a greeting to those we know (or may not know) and as such, the depth of what the phrase intends can often be overlooked. When you think about what we do each year on the fourth Thursday in November, it really is quite remarkable.

We come together with family and friends, with no real agenda or expectation except to express all that we are grateful for in this world. In fact, that world is speeding up at a seemingly exponential rate, and Thanksgiving slows us down - if only for a day. Slowing down allows us to reflect and in that reflection we might start in a place where we are thankful for things - items earned that make life easy or comfortable. But soon thereafter, we begin to thank those around us who offer unconditional love and support, challenge us each day to be better versions of ourselves, delight us in their humor or insights or intrigue, calm us in our anxiety, or excite us in our ambition.

It is my hope that we all find ourselves around a table where this balance of nurture and challenge is named and appreciated. It is the work we all do as parents and it is the mission of the learning community we all call home: Harding Academy. We spend the ten most formative learning years of our children’s lives in this balance and I am thankful that you all have committed to Harding Academy to help shepherd your family through the journey. So thank you, families of Harding Academy.

I am grateful for the faculty and staff of Harding Academy who work with our children day in and day out and give of themselves in incredible ways to help live out our mission of educating and inspiring young people to become thoughtful, creative, lifelong learners and self-disciplined, responsible, caring citizens.

I am also grateful for a community that has been supporting Second Harvest for over thirty years and am grateful for the incredible response our families, faculty and staff made last week during our food drive. To know that conversations about gratitude and duty abounded ahead of and during that food drive means our school is demonstrating its commitment as a private institution with a public purpose.

So enjoy the turkey and mashed potatoes, the couch-surfing or touch football games, the NFL or old-time movie. Whatever the tradition, enjoy.

And, Happy Thanksgiving.
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