From the Desk of of the Head of School- May 11, 2018

Dear Parents,

When I discuss joining the Harding Academy community with prospective parents, I explain how our model is intentionally geared to inspire and educate students during the ten most formative years of their child’s life. I also make sure these parents understand they are choosing a learning community that will support them in the ten most formative parenting years of their lives. The families they share their Harding Academy journey with - the ups and downs, the wins and losses, the laughs and tears - will become lifelong friends and confidantes.

During our annual luncheon for past chairs of the Harding Parents’ Association I listened as each person spoke to this dynamic as continuing well beyond their years at Harding Academy. Of course, they all fondly remember their time leading the Harding Parents’ Association, whose main purpose is to encourage unity, cooperation, and involvement within the Harding family. What began so many years ago has flourished and evolved into a body that continues its mission in ways that are inclusive and understanding of the fast-paced world in which we live.

Events like the General Jamboree, Dad’s Happy Hour, Parents’ Party and Auction, Songwriters’ Night, and, of course, Art Show bring this community together in outstanding ways while helping to support the school. All of this is carried forth through the most generous gift of all - time. The coordination of two hundred plus volunteers for the Art Show is the most visible testament to what an invested community of parents we have at Harding.  In addition, there are many other small opportunities to support a class project, do make-up for a grade level play, run copies for a teacher, or shelve books in the library that are also filled on an almost daily basis. We could not do this important work without our parents who further serve the school in these capacities. We are truly grateful.

Throughout the year, the HPA works diligently to raise funds to further the mission of the school and what a job they have done this year! Annually, the HPA allocates a percentage of their fundraising dollars to the financial aid fund of the endowment. This year they doubled that allocation to make a gift of $50,000. This is an incredibly generous donation to the school, and in direct support of making sure as many families as possible are able to experience the ten most formative learning years of their lives here at Harding Academy.

Thank you. Thank you, Harding Parents’ Association. Thank you parents, for being such incredible supporters of the school and for perpetuating the sense that we are all family and in this journey of growth - school, students and parents alike - together.

Have a great weekend.
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