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  • Head of School Update

    Dear Harding Academy Community, 
    In a typical school year, we are working to prepare for the upcoming year. This year is the same especially as it relates to: Scenario development, teaching and learning and financial modeling due to Covid-19. 

    Scenario development

    One thing that has been consistent in this pandemic is that factors on the ground that would allow us to predict the future are always shifting. New variables are introduced, assumptions are debunked, and guidelines from local, state and federal governments range from limited to downright unhelpful. Having said that, we are working with our accrediting body, SAIS, along with the National Association of Independent Schools to help shape our basic framework for decision making and scenario development. 

    Teaching and learning

    When Nashville came out with its four phase plan, the guidelines for schools was noticeably missing. The CDC has since come out with more thorough guidelines and we are using these as a baseline operating tool. As I’ve mentioned above we are working with SAIS and NAIS, as well as checking in with our peer Nashville independent schools about various models of teaching and learning that we could prepare. 

    Financial modeling 

    The finance email that went out earlier this week included information about our ongoing plans as it relates to revenue and expenses for 2019-20 and 2020-21 school year. As we come out of fiscal year 2019-20 and into 2020-21, we anticipate that we will need to support many more families – both new and current. We are exploring all available options to position Harding in a strong financial position that allows us to offer that support and help keep our community together.

    We will be in a better position to address all of these points in more detail as we learn more about the reopening phases of Nashville and receive guidance from the city and state about schools specifically.  
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  • Coronavirus

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